Learning more about WordPress

If you find the categories and tagging for this blog confusing, well that’s because it is. I have no idea how to properly organize them, but am learning and exploring more about WordPress and Themes (currently in the process of having that part organized). I’m also considering of purchasing the “Genesis Framework” and build the look of my blog from there. I’m not a programmer but I have some knowledge and understanding of it. And In case you’re wondering, I’m the only one that is running and managing this site. One of the reasons why comments are disabled at the moment is because I don’t have the time to moderate it.

Running and managing this site is a hobby, currently. I’m planning to put in more time and resources as the years go by.

The Naming of Clouds

An insightful video on how clouds got their names. Knowing the name of something allows us to tackle it. It allows us to search it out for more and in depth understanding of the subject that at first seems to be mysterious.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

The ability to customize your keyboard shortcuts is essential because every Artist’s workflow is different. If the software you’re using doesn’t give you the option to customize or it’s limited in its ability to customize, then consider these apps (both are free):

I have used AutoHotkey back when I was on Windows, and all I can say is that it’s a powerful scripting language for getting things done on Windows. I would say a lot more powerful than Karabiner! Examples: Detecting pixels on screen, working with files etc… At the moment I don’t know of an equivalent for Mac.

If you’re on Mac and all you want to do is customize keyboard shortcuts then Karabiner is all you need (look into AppleScript if you want to go beyond keyboard customization). It’ll take a bit of reading and once you understand the file’s format/structure you can easily customize keyboard shortcuts for ANY application.