Krita: Good but buggy

For quick sketches and doodling, Krita seems to do well (even though the lag is still there). However, once you want to slow down and seriously practice you’ll begin to see that the brush lag in Krita is an obstacle and an annoyance. Krita basically has everything I’m looking for in a drawing/painting software but at the moment I can’t really use it for serious studies because of this lag. I’m on Mac with a Wacom, and if you know of a solution please drop me a message.

ArtRage (left). Krita 3.1.4 (right). Notice that it’s a lot smoother in ArtRage.

Copying What You See is a Skill

Back in the old days, I started off by copying other images/photos and it was a time consuming process (eye / hand coordination) because I didn’t know any method or technique to help me with (I was all on my own), so it was a trial and error thing. As I got older I didn’t like the idea of copying. I wanted to be able to draw things from my imagination and so I practiced a bit more and got to a point where I can improvise (somewhat). However, I now come to see that observational drawing is a skill that needs to be learned. Even if copying a photograph is not your thing, it is still a very useful skill to have! Something I’m currently trying to grow in.

On the positive side of thing, even though I didn’t learn proper observational skill for drawing, my eye and hand coordination that I practiced back then now helps me with 3d modelling!

Here’s the thing: We all have strengths and weaknesses. My weakness right now is in copying a photography. I could do it, but it’s very time-consuming because I didn’t start off with proper methodologies. For some of you, your strength might be in copying a photography, but have a hard time doing things without it.

Krita’s Quick Brushes

I love ArtRage for its realism and painting effect and will one day (God willing) use it for some experimentations. In the meantime, I find it much easier in Krita to get this marker effect look. I quickly improvised the legs on the fly, duplicated the legs layer and with another quick brush I put in the shading. For concept arts and thumbnailling, Krita is the best. I guess this explains it:

“From 2004 to 2009, Krita was strongly focusing on being a generic image manipulation/painting application in the style of Photoshop or GIMP. Since 2009, the focus is squarely on painting: the Krita community aims to make Krita the best painting application for cartoonists, illustrators, and concept artists.”

Last night before bed (as you can see the dark background) I did some quick test with one of Krita’s Ink brushes. 10-30 seconds each. Improvised on the fly.