Looking for a tablet? Check out this video before you go out there to buy one:

In my opinion, you DO NOT NEED an expensive tablet. All the experiments I did in Krita before June 2019 was done entirely with a [Wacom Intuos Draw] I got for less than $100 when it was on sale.

Recently I went and bought [Wacom Intuos Pro Pen 2] to see if there’s any difference. I can tell you that there’s [not much] difference. I needed a new tablet anyway because I accidentally ruined the pen of the Intuos Draw by washing it with water (long story), also Intuos Draw has some issue with macOS. So it was about time I get something more up to date, and Intuos Pro was it. I don’t recommend it. If you’re new and or just starting out doing things digitally, get the low end ones. If you find that you enjoy doing digital art, then just upgrade to the screen tablet later on (the kind where the tablet display everything and you draw directly on it).

I got the Intuos Pro just when Krita made changes to its tablet code. The drawing experience with this new tablet isn’t the same as the old one (Intuos Draw). I find the experience with the old tablet much more smooth. Since the old tablet doesn’t work properly (pen is ruined due to water), I have no way of knowing whether the Intuos Pro’s 8,192 levels of pressure (which gives a different experience) or Krita made changes to the tablet code.