Sketching in Krita

Krita comes with a lot of brushes that can give you that pencil effect. Though, this isn’t a pencil brush but you can still get the drawing look with it. This piece was done entirely with the Bristles-1 Details brush.

Krita on macOS


I’m making this post sticky. Hoping that someone can pass this to the developers. It’s also here for those that are on macOS and are considering of using Krita for big projects. The primary system I do all my studies on is a “MacBook Pro” that I got secondhand:

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Eraser Mode

I use the Eraser mode a lot in my experiments. Instead of drawing with pure white, I draw with “Erase” mode activated, and it can give some interesting result/look. And if you’re like me, someone who uses the Erase mode a lot, you will soon find out that it can be a hassle to toggle it on and off (unnecessarily). This is because you don’t know whether you’re currently in Erase mode or not. Yes, you can look at the toolbar to find out, but the problem with that is that artists tend to look at the Canvas more than anything else when drawing. Furthermore, if you’re in fullscreen mode, there’s no way to tell.

My suggestion for the developers: When in Eraser mode, change cursor to red or make it to have different Outline Shape / Cursor.

Testing out Krita 4.2 Beta

I don’t know what they did to the Flow/Opacity thing, but I kind of like the Flow effect. Same brush, different opacity/flow setting.

“Ten Brushes” plugin/script that comes with Krita.

I can now quickly access my most commonly used brushes. A quick note on the Eraser brush: You might be wondering why even bother when eraser mode is activated via the “E” key. Well, Some brushes takes a very long time to perfectly erase because of its brush’s tip/setting. You would have to go over many times, and it can be frustrating if the size of the brush is below 5px. With the actual Eraser brush, one stroke and it’s gone.

You can now quickly change these.

Testing out Krita Nightly Build

This was just a quick test dabbling color. Not sure what the developer did but this is working great on my mac so far! Just in time for me to start exploring light and color for art.

I now can resize the floating window/dialog, which I couldn’t in previous version. I can also pick color from the color dialog and start painting right away without having to hit the tablet with my pen and then lift it and then hit it again. I can also be away doing something else in another window, then come back and can easily move the canvas without having to tab out and back in to make it work!

Painting in ArtRage

I got ArtRage a few years back, but didn’t really sit down to experiment with it until today. As of this writing, I don’t know that much about lightning and color. So this was just me scribbling with paint and making things up as I go. I find it much easier to get the painterly effect with ArtRage. I will probably do some artworks with it later on. In the meantime, I need to start reading on lightning and color. Not sure when I’ll get to it.

Copying Poses with Oval Shapes

This is an exercise that you can try out. Find pose photos and start copying the pose (eyeball it). Then draw on top of the oval shapes.


I consider myself a perfectionist, and sometimes that can be a bad thing in art when using photo references. This is how I train myself to let go, and be loose. The goal isn’t to copy the photo exactly, even when it’s just a pose that I’m after.