Currently taking things slow and trying to learn proper proportions. The ability to handle the pencil and a good control of your arm (mechanical skill) is one thing (something I already have), knowledge and a way of breaking things down is another (something I need to work on). Drawing isn’t a single skill, but many other skills combined such as the way you handle the pencil, the way you see, simplify things and so on.

Do you need to be a great traditional artist to be a good modeller? Not necessary. There are plenty of skilled digital artists out there that don’t have great drawing skill, but they do know anatomy, basic proportions and so on! What goes on in your mind is really the key here. Traditional or Digital are just mediums for these knowledge and mindsets to come alive and both, whether traditional or digital, requires a lot of practice!

The simpler you see things, the easier your life as a modeller will be. The reason why I am seeking to improve my 2d skill is for teaching purposes and personal notes taking, and hopefully make model sheets for those that are just starting out in the world of digital modelling.