Exploring Fractal

I find fractal confusing. For now it’s a trial and error thing for me, and slowly I’m getting a hang of it. Used the free version of Chaotica to generate the background image, and Affinity Designer to put the text on it.

Anatomy of a Logo

If you want to draw the human body accurately, what do you do? You study the human body—its anatomy and so on. The same goes for Logo design. In the past I have designed logo here and there without much knowledge or understanding. Especially the knowledge of what makes up a logo! Here’s a great article, short and to the point, that walks you through the three parts that make up a logo.

Decoding Design: Anatomy of a Logo

Knowing its parts allows you to communicate better and to analyze and study it in greater depth. “Make the logo a bit bigger” (confusing) vs “Increase the size of the logomark a bit and bold the logotype. Also, remove the slogan.” (more specific).

And then we have the types of a logo. Logomark only such as Apple, Nike? How about Logotype only such as facebook, Disney and SONY?

5 Basic Types of Logos