Why is coding so hard…

When reading articles or books written by other artists, we learn how artists approach and solve art problems. There are also insight and wisdom we can get when peeking into another world, such as music, math and so on, and in this case, programming or coding.

There are roadblocks everywhere, and even artists have them. We need to clear them before we can truly arrived. I remember when I got into digital painting for the first time, instead of learning and getting a good handle on the fundamentals, I went straight to coloring, after all, painting is all about color right? I subconsciously believed that learning to color and use color well will magically solve all the perspective and composition problems. These blocks will always be there and slow down our progresses if we do nothing about it. We see the same thing in human development. Even as Christians, trials that come into our lives are meant to teach and prepare us for what’s to come. If we ignore them, it will not help to sanctify us. The Spirit is always working to conform us to the image of Christ. Trials are one of the means to that end.

Art is also problem solving. The sooner you see this, the better it will be for you in this journey of yours.

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