Clip Studio Paint and DesignDoll

Lately I have been exploring “Clip Studio Paint” and it seems to be a lot faster than Krita on the Mac that I’m using. 10,000 x 10,000 @ 300dpi, with a rotated Canvas, and there’s no lag or jagged lines like you would experience in Krita. I also like the GUI (Interface) and its built-in 3d model to pose and draw on top.

DesignDoll is a program that is only for posing the mannequin. As of this writing, I have not tried it since I’m on Mac, but I would combine DesignDoll with Krita to get what CSP is providing (posable mannequin) if you prefer to stick with Krita.

But isn’t it cheating to use digital mannequin(s)? That depends on who you ask and what the objective is. This is a topic we can explore and talk more about later on.

CSP seems like a good alternative if you don’t like Krita. As for me, I’m sticking to Krita.

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