Alchemy on macOS

I finally got around to running al.chemy on macOS. If you’re a Mac user, you need Java SE 6 Runtime. Which can be download at: . This might sound strange, but it works: You need to download the Linux (not the Mac) version from the site. Run either “Alchemy” or “AlchemyOpenGL” after you unzipped the tar file.

I haven’t got my workstation setup yet, so in the meantime I’m just using the mouse for simple experiments.

Mouse, using

There’s a web version with limited features (

Mouse, using
Mouse, using (blur effect in Affinity)
Finger scribbling before church service starts

The mind is a pattern recognizing machine. As kids, most of us could just look into the sky and form images with the clouds using just our imagination. Alchemy can help with the ideation process. It can be random scribbling or intentional shapes and strokes. Sometimes when you don’t know what to concept, alchemy can step in and help generate ideas. Two people looking at the same random/noise/chaos alchemy can see two totally different things. One alchemy can bring forth many concepts.

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