It’s not the Software

This was modeled 100% in Wings3D by an artist I know. This is one of his fan-art piece modeled straight out of a blueprint model sheet you can find online. Having seen some of his works, I would say he’s a Wings3D master. Blender has a lot of tools to speed up your modeling process, and as we all know, in Wings3D, things are done manually. What this goes to show is that it’s not really the software, but the artist.

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  1. Simon Griffiths

    Great guitar model

  2. micheus

    It’s a pity he doesn’t have an “online presence”.
    Thanks for the info and for share these works.

  3. Micheus

    “What this goes to show is that it’s not really the software, but the artist”
    I totally agree with you.

    Do you have a link to the artist’s profile/gallery to share?
    I’m one who can manage the @Wings3DOfficial account at Twitter and I would like to share this work there if I could add a reference to him.

    1. Đaniên

      His name is Xuan. He doesn’t have an online presence yet but I’ll let you all know once it’s up. I have these models with me, and if my memory is correct, I was told that the Nanosuit model can be released for free download. I will have to contact him again to make sure / confirm before I release the file.

      In the meantime, feel free to share the images you find on this blog. His email is: XuanCG @

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