A Casual Mindset

Whenever I’m not doing any art, my mind is always thinking about it. Theorizing and meditating on certain principles and theories; seeking for ways to explain difficult concepts or explain things in a way that beginners can understand and put it to use.

The first mindset that took me up one step in my journey is the [Casual Perspective] mindset. A lot of times we’re not building a spacecraft, so things don’t have to be dead accurate. We can guess, estimate and be casual about it. No need to take out your ruler to measure everything and to make sure that all lines are perfectly straight.

Then I thought to myself, what about creating the illusion of depth in drawing/painting? What about painting textures for 3d models? Eureka finally struck again. I hope to touch on this more later on when I finally sit down to test out these theories with examples.

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