An extremely detailed model done in Wings3D

Here’s another model by Xuan to show that anything can be modeled in Wings3D if you set your mind to it. This one is 99% Wings3D, and it’s extremely detailed. I wish I can show you more angles and closeup but my computer can’t handle it in the viewport (too laggy). A few wires were modeled in Blender using curves to speed up this project.

What this goes to show is that the right tool does speed up the process. Anything that is curvy such as wires and so on, are best modeled using curves, and it’s what they’re made for.

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  1. micheus

    Another fantastic work!
    Take a look at this Lotus 49 made by the user Hank:
    It’s also very detailed.

    I’ve been working in a Curve tool plugin (still not release) which he used for some pipes created too.

    Are these XuanCG’s works recent or do you already own them for a while?

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