Pen or Display Tablet?

Recently I borrowed a Cintiq 13HD from someone to try it out to see if it’ll help me with line art—if it does I’ll have an easier time on deciding whether I should get a better one later on—but I can’t seem to get it to work on my MacBook Pro. So I’ll talk about something else.

Last year I asked a very skilled cartoonist what tablet he was using, whether it’s pen or display. He told me that he works better with a display tablet because he gets to see his hand and stroke at the same time. That really got me to think, because I noticed that I have no problem sketching on the fly with a pen tablet. However, I struggle when it comes to refining that sketch! When things are loose, and accuracy isn’t that important, I have no problem with a pen tablet. But if I want to add weight to my lines, and to bend or curve it a certain way, then I find myself undoing it a lot because I’m looking at the monitor and not my hand.

I hope to write a post and talk more about this in the future.

UPDATE: See here

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