digiKam, the best DAM

I have searched high and low for a DAM (Digital Asset Management) software to organize my photos/reference collections for Linux, since that’s the OS I’ll be migrating to in the future. This whole time digiKam was out there, but only last night did I took the time to actually explore the app, and in my opinion it’s the BEST open source, cross-platform photo management for artists. The light/bright theme isn’t that appealing. I switched to a dark theme, and changed the font to “Roboto Condensed” and voila! Its tagging system and searching is powerful. You have to try it out and see it for yourself. And did I say it’s free?

Having a huge collection of references is one thing, being able to manage and quickly/easily look for a photo is another. That’s where’s digiKam comes in! And if you take the time to tag your photos, you’ll be able to look for whatever it is you’re after. As of this writing, PureRef can only accept one photo per drag-drop from digiKam. That mean you can select more than one photo from digiKam and drop it into PureRef and it only accept one photo out of all the selected. :(

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