Take Notes

  • Post published:February 29, 2016
  • Post category:Blog Post

takenotesGreat learners take notes and they take a lot of them. One of the great preachers, Martyn Lloyd-Jones [1899-1981], once said: “For many, many years I have never read my Bible without having a scribbling pad either on my table or in my pocket.” We not only see this in preachers but in artists as well and Leonardo Da Vinci comes to mind.

As a 3d modeller, I do take a lot of notes and keep them on my computer. I also skim through a lot of books and hold fast to that which is good to expand my horizon. When I do my own experiment and practicing, I pay careful attention to what I’m doing and record a lot of them down.

Don’t be afraid to sketch or scribble. After all, notes are personal and they’re for you to remind you of what you have learned or discovered. Sometimes going through my own notes inspire me to blog about it.