Reader’s Bible

10 years ago, it was hard to find a single column / paragraph Bible (not sure if it even existed back then). Now, there are plenty! But finding the one that matches your criteria can be a challenge and pricey.

I like the KJV, but the thought of spending $100+ on a Bible doesn’t sit well with me. I know the materials are costly, but why can’t we have a single column / paragraph KJV in hardcover or paperback? Instead, it’s mostly in fancy and expensive leather. :)

NKJV I got back in 2011? Compare that to the one below. Good typography and design can encourage and motivate you to read the Bible more.

The first Reader’s Bible I got my hand on was a hardcover ESV. Then a KJV Clarion, and after a bit of searching, finally came across NKJV Deluxe Reader’s Bible—which has exactly what I’m looking for, under $50 USD. I am impressed by the quality of this NKJV. It’s printed in China, but it doesn’t feel cheap! Looks and feels like a premium Bible, something you got for $80+.

I wish Cambridge, Oxford or Schuyler can come up with one just like this for the KJV, or the New Cambridge KJV.

There’s a difference between reading the Bible and studying the Bible. Both are needed in the life of a Christian. Reader’s Bible is best for reading and all Christians should have at least one in their library!

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