Get Into the Habit of Reading Your Bible Daily

The OliveTree Bible is a free app you can download on your mobile device. You can purchase addons but for Bible reading plans (there are a whole lot to choose from), you don’t have to pay anything. Some will prefer to read on their device (while on the go), but I personally use it as a checklist and reminder!

I’m currently going through “Prof. Grant Horner’s Bible-Reading System” and will start a new one for the coming new year. In the above example, the reading plan is once a year, but what if you want to read through it twice a year? I looked and there isn’t one, but you can set your goal to complete it in 182 days, and the system will tell you how many you need to read and whether you’re ahead or behind.

Once you completed, you will receive a badge to encourage you to do more, also to keep track of how many times you have read through. The 90 days was an experiment (very intense), and I got through it in 80 days (they got one for 31 days!). I had no choice but to read it on my mobile device mostly while on the go. Generally, I prefer to sit and read it from a Reader’s Bible, with the device as a checklist. For the start of 2021, I’ll do a 182 Days plan, which means 6.5 (that’ll be 6 or 7) chapters a day.

Daily reading helps to keep the biblical story/history fresh in your mind. And there are many ways to approach this. You can go from Genesis all the way to Revelation, or just the Torah (Five Books of Moses), or maybe there’s something in particular that you don’t have a clear picture of and you want to familiar yourself with, like the book of Daniel for example. When I first got my NKJV Deluxe Reader’s Bible (recently), I read through the book of Daniel once, and I’m going at it again, currently on Chapter 2.

Fill your mind with biblical history and stories. When going through these reading plans, don’t worry if you don’t understand everything you’re reading. Don’t worry if you quickly forget them. Because you’re not in this reading just once and then move on…. no, you’re in this for life. And the more you read the more things will become clear. Think of visiting a forest or jungle for the first time. You’re totally lost and don’t know your way around. But the more you travel through that forest or jungle, the more you will become familiar with the place! Once your mind is filled with information, then God will start speaking to you through it, and the Spirit will help you to piece things together.

Also, you don’t have to read the same translation. I have read through the ESV, NIV, and you can even mix them. There’s no rule! If you’re just starting out, pick a reading plan that you can easily manage. Don’t do 120 Days because, as always, the troubles and busyness of life will always get in the way to pull you off track.

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