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Nehemiah 8:1-3 NKJV
Now all the people gathered together as one man in the open square that was in front of the Water Gate; and they told Ezra the scribe to bring the Book of the Law of Moses, which the LORD had commanded Israel. So Ezra the priest brought the Law before the assembly of men and women and all who could hear with understanding on the first day of the seventh month. Then he read from it in the open square that was in front of the Water Gate from morning until midday, before the men and women and those who could understand; and the ears of all the people were attentive to the Book of the Law.

Romans 10:17 NKJV
So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Another way to fill the mind with the Bible is to listen. Sometimes reading is not possible, such as while driving, old age and eyes problem for example, and that’s where audio bible comes in. It also comes in handy when you’re down and discouraged, and don’t feel like opening the Bible. Or, you can use it to just read along! Sometimes I’m just tired to even open my mouth or read it mentally. Got seven chapters to read through? Easy: Open the audio bible to your chosen translation and just follow along on your Bible. Can’t sleep? Worried about something at night? Open the audio bible and let it comfort and encourage you as you drift into sleep.

Faith Comes By Hearing has a lot of free audio bible for download. There’s English and non-English. Dramatized and non-Drama. For most people, this is good enough.

But if you want something more professionally done, then check out ChristianAudio (not free).

Other ways to listen for free:

My recommendation: (You can listen to both for free in the link above)

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