Sculpting’s First Stage

Here’s a quick test I did earlier (roughly 5 minutes?), starting with the good old Cube. In total only three brushes were used: 1) Blob, 2) Snake Hook, 3) Smooth (that’s it!). From what I understand, the first stage of sculpting is the form and shape. In Blender, the Blob, Grab (does not add geometry) and the Snake Hook (add geometries) brushes are there to aid you in that process.

The difficult part of starting out is not knowing where to begin! What tool do I use? What’s the setting? With traditional sculpting you don’t have to worry about the settings, but with all things digital, there’s always a technical side to it. I was going to create a video demonstration of the tools but the screencast app I’m using is demo. I’ll do a lot of demonstrations later on once I purchased a license for it, so wait for it.

Note: This was a fluke! I didn’t know that I could block out the form with a Snake Hook on a Cube, but thank God I played with it because now I know something. I was thinking to myself, “How on earth am I going to block out the head? Ok let’s pull this one out, wait… oh! This is amazing.”