Box Modelling, Topologies and the N-Gons

Was going to save this post for a later date, but since I touched on N-gons yesterday here it is. One detailing method that requires n-gons is this:


Point-by-Point modellers have these things (flows) taken care of from the start. Whereas for Box modellers, they focus first on the shape and form (Extrude and tweaking), and once that is out of the way, they start the refining process—laying out the topology. I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, but speaking of laying out the topology this way, uv unwrap’s wireframe of the face (hint hint) can be used as a reference to practice laying out your topology in this way since the map is 2d.

Another topology method is Extrusion and thinking in term of groups or zones. Something I’ll talk about later on.