“Where in the Bible Does It Say That?”

This is a good question, and if asked in humility it can open a door for a great discussion. However, this can only happen if we’re willing to give ears to a fuller explanation of God’s ways. A lot of times, we ask that question in pride and to end the discussion right there on the spot, simply because we’re not willing to listen to a fuller explanation; ones that take in the whole counsel of God and requires the use of our sanctified reasoning.

Muslims taunt Christians by asking them, “Where in the Bible does Jesus say, ‘I am God, worship me!’?” Many of us use the same tactic on other Christians: “Where does it say that in the Bible? Where does it say I can’t drink? Where does it say I can’t dress that way?” and the list goes on and on. The truth is, the Scriptures have answers to all that, if we’re willing to listen. And if we just humble ourselves, perhaps God will open our eyes to see His word. The proud He resists but the humble He gives grace, not only to see but to change and be conformed to His image. As we grow in Christ, we also grow in our sanctified reasoning. What I once denied, I now embrace. What I was once blinded to, I now see. By all means, ask, for it is His word that is truth, but let us ask in humility with open ears to hear the fuller explanation.

Words not found in the English Bible

  • “Repent” or “Repentance” is nowhere to be found in the Gospel of John.
  • Saving-faith: The word “saving-faith” is not in the Bible but we came up with it for good reasons.
  • “Justification by faith” or “Justification by faith [alone]”
  • Sermon
  • Bible
  • Monotheism
  • Omnipotent [KJV/NKJV has it]
  • Omniscience
  • Rapture
  • Theophany
  • Anthropomorphisms
  • Incarnation
  • Virgin Birth
  • Hypostatic Union
  • Theology
  • Accountability
  • Church membership
  • Complementarianism / Elagatiarianism
  • Dating / Courtship

Learn from Nicodemus

Nicodemus didn’t ask Jesus where in the Old Testament does it say “New Birth” / “Born Again” or “Kingdom of God.”

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