Eternal Security

I came across a video yesterday of one Christian publicly rebuking another Christian, on two topics. Eternal Security being one, and it was a bit cringey to watch. It is wise not to publicly rebuke others on topics you haven’t carefully mapped it out. Scriptures need to be read, studied and meditated upon so that the Spirit can do His work of illumination (2 Timothy 2:7).

The Bible doesn’t say a Christian can’t lose his salvation.” But the Bible also doesn’t say that a Christian will, either. “But it has many warnings!” But the Bible also has many “promises” and how God will keep His people. See where this is going? We have to know our Bible. Not just quoting it. Anyone can quote the Bible. But not everyone who quotes the Bible actually know the Bible and how it’s all connected. Consider these points:

  1. If you don’t have the Spirit of Christ, then you don’t belong to Him.
  2. Post-Pentecost, the indwelling of the Spirit is permanent.
  3. Those leaving the faith proves that they didn’t have the Spirit to begin with.
  4. There’s not one clear and explicit case of a true child of God leaving the faith in all of Scriptures.

It will take some time to really see how all these four points are interconnected. These four facts need to be dealt with. Quoting Scriptures that you think (in your own mind) refutes Eternal Security will get you nowhere unless you really address these four points biblically.

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