10 Things You Should Know about the Imagination

  • Post published:May 30, 2016
  • Post category:Theology

A Biblical view of imagination:

1. Everyone has an imagination.

The imagination is not simply the province of artists and children, sci-fi buffs and gamers. It is simply the ability of the mind to think in pictures. We use our imaginations all the time, whether we are daydreaming, planning, remembering, or meditating.

2. Imagination is an important power of the human mind.

Imagination is a facet of the mind along with reason, emotions, and the will. Memory employs the imagination so that we can recall events of the past. Imagination also allows us to contemplate our lives in the present. It also empowers us to visualize the future, which is necessary for planning and decision-making.

The creative imagination—the ability to conceive of something that does not already exist—is the source of art and invention. Imagination makes reading possible, as what the author imagines, whether a story or an argument, is replayed in the reader’s mind. (Read more)