A Study on Birds

  • Post published:May 25, 2019
  • Post category:Blog Post

Birds isn’t my thing. I’m more interested in the human figure, but to grow as an artist, we must get outside of our comfort zone, and to always try out new styles and subjects. Nothing you do will become a waste. If that hand is moving, and that mind is thinking, it will in the end work out for your good, though you might not see how in the moment.

To me, art is problem solving. I was asked to draw a bird, something simple and basic. It must not be too realistic with tons of details. Since I’m not a bird artist, I have no idea where to begin. Then I remember what Rembrandt once said: “If you want to paint an apple, you’ve got to be an apple!” First step is to always study your subject, and become intimate with it. And since I’m not in a position where I can have easy access to birds, search engine is my only option. So I pulled out my sketchbook.

#1, #2: With no aim, I started to draw what I saw. #3,#4: but quickly realized that I needed to pick one specific bird, instead of drawing random birds. It’s a lot easier to study and analyze when you have just one type of bird to focus on vs many. #5: Studying certain parts. #6: The simplifying and sketching from imagination begins. #7: Trying to understand wings. I looked up some cartoon wings to see how other artists depict them. Learn from others if you’re stuck!

This is just the beginning for me.