Sketching or Doodling

  • Post published:May 28, 2019
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I don’t sketch that often, not on papers anyway. And the reason is that I suffer from this “I’m not good enough yet, and I don’t want to ruin my sketchbook” syndrome. Which is why I do a lot of sketching and doodling in Krita—that’s how I improved. That way, I don’t waste paper! However, there’s an disadvantage to this. The first is that you can’t sketch the variety of things you see in real life. Trees, houses, poles etc… And secondly, you can’t carry Krita with you when you’re on the road, waiting for a bus.

I thought that I was one of the few who suffers from the syndrome mentioned above, but apparently A LOT of beginner artists suffer from it, something I learned after watching this video:

Part 2:,
Part 3:

The artist in this video made a very good point about Pianists. Artists have this “fear” of messing up their sketchbooks because they have this “reverence” for them. On top of this, most of them make the excuse that they’re not good enough to draw in their sketchbook. As a result of this, the majority of them let their sketchbooks remain on the shelf collecting dusts, and they never improve because of that.

Pianists on the other hand do not suffer from this problem. After their practice session, there’s no record of it! All their mistakes went into thin air. They have no fear nor reverence. Mistakes are normal and it will soon be forgotten forever. Unless, of course they purposely record their practice session, but generally they don’t. That’s why after their practice, even if they suck or didn’t do well, there’s no record of it. But the act of playing the scale does something to the hands and brain, and that’s what matters in the end. Artists need to get into the habit of doodling. The whole idea behind doodling is the same idea behind a Pianist practicing his scale.

So I went out today and bought a few low quality sketchbooks. Since the purpose is not to make masterpieces, but to doodle and throw away or keep as a record.

These were done today on low quality sketchbook. Based on reference images on my monitor.